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Marilyn Jurman | Yoga - exercise or lifestyle? Who could do yoga and why?

Exercise - an investment in well-being | Reval-Sport Sports Club

Liina Laur | Personal trainer and nutrition advisor, Reval-Sport Sports Club and Marilyn Jurman

Humanity's lessons from vaccination: vaccine concerns and future perspectives

Natalia Pervjakova | PhD, Contracted Consulting Partner, Institute of Genomics, University of Tartu, Department of Health and Marilyn Jurman

Risky behaviour and prevention in the 21st century

Ain Peil | Advisor, Department of Law Enforcement and Criminal Policy, Ministry of the Interior and Marilyn Jurman

Urban planning and healthy lifestyles

Marek Rannala | Traffic and Mobility Expert, Mobility Agency

Obesity in Europe THIRD! How electrical impulses and proper breathing can improve (your) world?

Enely Sarapuu | HAF Training Studio founder, personal trainer, HAF Training Studio and Marilyn Jurman

Naturopathy before or after allopathic medicine or who is responsible for health?

Irje Karjus | Forest Moor and Plant Mark, Health Home and Marilyn Jurman

Erik Orgu shares life hacks on how to improve your wellbeing through nutrition

Erik Orgu | Nutritional Counsellor, Dietless OÜ and Marilyn Jurman

New options for vitamin delivery - injectable vitamins

Kristi Aedma | NorVita brand manager, nutritionist and trainer, NorVita and Marilyn Jurman

Featured Exhibitors

MaiWistik | Natural cosmetics

MaiWistik is a natural cosmetics brand. Made from hand-picked Estonian herbs that are specially ideal for Nordic skin to maintain youthfulness. MaiWistik is a combination of naturopathy, yoga and face yoga.

We guarantee a balance through a holistic approach focusing on plant wisdom.

We want you to be able to support yourself until old age.

HAF treeningstuudio

Our fitness club and team are passionate about providing innovative and effective workouts and procedures for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're 17 or 77, an elite athlete or a recreational athlete - we'll help you with YOUR concerns and questions and create a personalised plan to meet your goals

We'll take care of your wellbeing:

  • EMS personal training (to get rid of excess weight, back or headaches, injuries)

  • JUMPING in group training mini-baths
  • THERMO-C body and facial treatments for youthful, flawless and smooth skin

Did you know? One in two people suffer from back pain, one in five adults in Estonia is overweight and one in ten people's days are made unbearable by migraines. EMS training, or electro muscle stimulation, is a proven way to combat ALL three of these health concerns.

Taula Pharma

Quality supplements for everyone who cares about their health and quality of life!

Sports Club Reval Sport

Reval Sport is located in Tallinn’s Old Town (in the courtyard of the Väike Rannatänav (Small Coastal Street) bastion) and has been active as a provider of sports services since 1990. The big and spacious sports club occupies 5000 m2. The staff of the club are constantly working to offer better service to clients, as well as a wide variety of classes. In addition to the sports club, you can use the various saunas and beauty salon and have various health tests done.

Reval Sport is very kid-friendly. There is a separate room called the Reval Playroom for kids and parents where you can have children's birthday parties and other events. The kids can also stay in the Playroom, in case parents want to visit the sports club, spa or salon.


Up to 2,6 times more efficient than traditional vitamins!

NorVita is a contemporary supplement producer, whose main goal is to develop only the highest of quality micro-nutrients to boost our bodies with everything it needs to maximize physical and mental well-being. All NorVita products have been developed and made in Estonia being the most innovative - oral sprays and liposomal vitamins, which are up to 2,6 times more efficient than tablets and capsules. 

Spray vitamins have become very popular, because of their effectiveness and convenience, and many people prefer to use them over tablets. The small spray bottle is convenient to take anywhere and has a shelf life of 2 years when open. NorVita spray is also sugar-free and therefore tooth-friendly. You can easily and quickly buy our products from our webpage -

ChagaEST | Must pässik



The best gift is health!


The black ram's breed of the Lahemaa Folklore House is clean. We do not add any other herbs, alcohol, honey or flavour enhancers to our product. We use only naturally and long-grown black ram's mushroom to make our brew.

The Lahemaa Herbarium makes a strong brew that has been matured for 3 days in 0.5 litre and 1 litre refillable bottles. The recommended daily consumption of black ram's heart is 40 ml once a day. For a more intense result, the brew can also be taken twice a day. It can be taken neat or mixed with other drinks
It is advisable to take at least a 1-month course of the supplement. This will allow its effects to rejuvenate the body


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