HAF training studio offers personal and group training and beauty treatments in Tartu (Ülikooli 2a) and Tallinn (Narva mnt 59)

In our case, it's not just an ordinary training studio, but a place where together with trainers and beauticians miracles and success stories are born! The client's specificities, concerns and problems are not an obstacle for us, but an opportunity for development and cooperation!

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Why HAF?

Our personalised training sessions last just 20 minutes, and it only takes 1-2 sessions a week to get rid of back pain, excess weight or even migraine attacks

We are the first in Estonia to offer EMS training , and thanks to this, we have the most experience in Estonia We started with EMS training over 8 years ago and today we offer EMS training in Tartu and Tallinn. Weour trainings are backed by a strong science-based background and continuous development

We constantly train top athletes, entertainers and other well-known personalities. Over the years, we have trained well-known people, among them the presidential couple, Saskia Alusalu, Gerli Padar, etc. We have a strong and continuous development of our trainers.

EMS training often replaces fitness trainingiotherapy Exercises and training programmes are largely based on physiotherapy, including the use of neither weights nor heavy exercises. This makes the exercises suitable for older people. NOTE: Our oldest client is over 70, so what's your excuse?

We are the only one in Estonia to offer a four-technique procedure to fight cellulite, stretch marks and fat deposits The Thermo-C procedure successfully combats problems that would otherwise require surgical intervention (excess and stretched skin, scars)

In addition, we are the first to introduce the popular jumping group training, which is carried out on professional mini-bikes. One workout is 3 times more effective than running!

Treeningstuudio HAF

If you feel your life needs a change and you are ready to take control of your own well-being, HAF is the way to go. We know that the first step can feel unnecessarily scary, but that's why we're with you every step of the way.

Having all taken the first step on this journey ourselves, we know exactly what you might be feeling and can help you through the most difficult moments.

Our goal is YOUR well-being!


Tallinnas: Narva mnt 59 // Tartus: Ülikooli 2a

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Our club in Tallinn:

Narva mnt 59
+372 53 053 123

Our club in Tartu:

Tartu Tartu Tartu Tartu
+372 56 939 356

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