Herbalism is the art of understanding nature, of understanding and using (medicinal) plants in depth, and of integrating this knowledge into business and everyday life. The Herbaticum's training courses aim to teach interested people to know and love (medicinal) plants and to use them to heal themselves and their families.

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Holistic Entrepreneurship and Herbalism Intensive Course

The aim of the course is to teach students about plants and their uses, and to prepare them to set up their own business or to expand an existing business into natural products or services.

Medicinal plants and health

The aim of the course is to teach the basic knowledge of medicinal plants, their holistic use and natural self-care and health practices.

Natural product manufacturing and product development for small business (practical)

The aim of the course is to find your own business idea related to natural products or to expand it, to acquire basic knowledge of natural product manufacturing and product development.

Plant science (e-course)

The aim of the course is to learn about medicinal plants and their home use (theory only)

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