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4 reasons to choose spray vitamins

Better absorption: In the oral spray method, micronutrients enter the bloodstream directly through the oral mucosa and are independent of gastrointestinal function.

Comfort: Spraying vitamins in your mouth is easier than swallowing them. In addition, NorVita products come in a handy small bottle that makes them easy to carry. Each bottle contains up to 7 months of daily doses, depending on the nutrient, which saves you time from going to the pharmacy and makes life easier.

Pleasant taste: NorVita spray vitamins are delicious, which makes them especially pleasant to consume. All our products are sugar-free and tooth-friendly.

Airless: In normal spray bottles, which are accessed by air after opening, the micronutrients gradually begin to be destroyed. In the case of an airless bottle, air does not reach the nutrients even after opening. This gives our products a shelf life of 2 years.

What are spray and liposomal vitamins and how to use them

Oral sprays and liposomal gels are the latest and most effective methods of consuming vitamins.

Spray vitamins are oral vitamins and liposomal vitamins are a state-of-the-art technology that helps the vitamin move quickly and efficiently directly into the cell. The vitamin is protected inside a microscopic capsule or liposome. Liposomes, however, are spheres composed of phospholipids, which are the main building blocks of cell membranes. This ensures that the vitamin does not break down and reaches where it is needed most in your body.

The spray liquid or liposomal gel is sprayed into the mouth, which is simply swallowed with saliva. All these products have a pleasant taste, which is given to the vitamins through natural spices such as mint, lemon, apple. All products are sugar-free or tooth-friendly. No sugar is added and so sprays and gels can be used in the evening after brushing your teeth.

Podcast: The next step in innovation

What does spray vitamin mean and what are its biggest advantages over regular vitamins? Which vitamins are especially important for women and what should you know about the relationship between stress and digestion? Listen HERE

Stimulate the body without tablets

In the current autumn season, it is especially important to boost your immune system to stay healthy and restore your body's vitamin stores. The basis of strong health comes from quality sleep, adequate exercise and healthy and varied food. Unfortunately, these alone are not enough in our climate, so it is important to support the body with supplements that would help compensate for deficiencies.

The main vitamins that stimulate the immune system are vitamins D and C. It has been scientifically proven that vitamin D is best absorbed through the oral mucosa and that vitamin C is most efficiently absorbed into the body liposomally. In addition, elderberry extract contains important antioxidants.

Spray vitamins have become very popular precisely because of their effectiveness and convenience, and many people prefer to use them over tablets. This is especially good for children and those who are not suitable for swallowing tablets.

Check out the NorVita vitamin selection HERE and we will stay healthy!

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