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How to turn your balcony terrace into a lush green oasis?

City dwellers can't get out into nature every day, so they need to make use of the apartment balcony to enjoy the summer warmth. They vary in size and layout, but almost any balcony can be used to create a lush green oasis where you can enjoy the summer.

In this video, garden designer Maria Palusalu shares her tips.

Kuidas luua väikese aia hekimüürist avara ilmega ja kaunis kooslus?

A hedge that is too high and dense can create a feeling of being "in the bag" in a small and narrow garden, and on the other hand, if there is no hedge, you are part of the neighbours' life. This too can become a nuisance over time. How can we solve this problem, or create a nest that is both private and spacious?

Let's dispel the myth that you can't design anything in a small garden!

Garden designer Maria Palusalu gives her advice.

Garden energies transformation tutorial: feng shui BAGUA 8 zone plan

Have you been stuck in one place for too long and need a change? Feng shui bagua energy teaching can work wonders! Feng shui specialist Siret Seeder teaches us to listen to nature consciously, because nature knows how to use energies and explains why it is good to apply the 8 zone plan of feng shui bagua in garden design. In the same way that balance is important within the individual, it is also important for the environment around us. The Bagua 8 Zone Map shows exactly which zones, what energy is moving in which zones and how to make these zones work to support and empower yourself and your family. Simply pick up the map, divide your home garden into 8 sectors and the rest of the keywords are already on the map.

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