Orienteering game "Career Path"

Come and adventure with us!

Do you know where the various exciting institutions are located in the centre of your county? We have created a game where we have taken the virtual fair to the real world, so take a phone and go outside!  We drawn in lottery fashion instant camera and two sets of wireless headphones between the players. Choose the county where you want to play and go on an adventure. Or play in all counties. Just remember that the game must be completed before the end of the fair!


Choose the county where you want to play, turn on GPS on your device, and navigate to the destinations shown on your map. As you reach each destination, you will have a question on your screen that you will have to answer. The destination icon where you have given your answer will color green. The goal is to go through all the locations in your county. To participate in the draw, you must pass the game in one county and then enter your contact details. Winners will be drawn in lottery fashion and we will announce the winners on 04 October on the Facebook page of the Eesti Töötukassa.




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