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Russia, Northwest region

"Point on the map" - is an example of creating modern hotel infrastructure for the development of tourism in Russia. The hotels of the chain are built using environmentally friendly modular technology, which allows to reduce the negative impact on the environment, preserveand preserve landscape and trees. Standard modules were delivered to the site in a high degree of readiness in order to limit the presence of heavy construction equipment in the forest

The architects managed to fit the rooms organically into the traditional Karelian landscape, so that the guests could enjoy their stay in the nature, preserving the usual level of comfort

Hotels "Point on the map are located near the main attractions of the region and the main road arteries. This is a convenient stop for those who have planned a big trip around the Northwest region

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"Point on the map. Lodeynoe Pole."

The hotel "Point on the map. Lodeynoe Pole" - A new attraction on the Ladoga Ring (to open in January 2022). The project absorbed all the best solutions implemented in other hotels of the chain.

The hotel is located on the eastern shore of the Ladoga. The rooms are built on a modular technology - 32 rooms "Standard" (18 sqm) and 18 rooms "Studio" (39 sqm), including 1 for people with limited mobility. From panoramic windows there is a view to the Svir River. Around - the coniferous forest, fresh air, peace and quiet.

The hotel has a restaurant with an atmospheric area for relaxing by the fireplace and a menu, which was inspired by local specialties. The guests are welcomed with an abundance of fish, game, mushrooms and local northern berries: Karelian trout, mushroom soup, pike cutlets with potato cream and caviar sauce, marinated mossheads in sour cream.

"Point on the map. Vidlitsa."

Hotel "Point on the map. Vidlitsa" is locatedis located in the Olonetsky District of the Republic of Karelia. On one side it is surrounded by a pine forest, and on the other - by a long sandy beach on the shore of Lake Ladoga. Tourists come here in search of picturesque landscapes and comfortable rest away from city noise.

The main concept of the hotel is careful attitude to the ecosystem of Karelia. This factor determined the choice of construction technology and smaller architectural forms.

"Point on the map. Vidlitsa" consists of 15 rooms "Studio": 7 of them are located on the first shoreline, 8 - on the second shoreline and in the wooded area.

Each house is configured in 2 modules, forming in the Latin letter L - a compact space that can accommodate up to 4 guests. In addition to the basic elements, the houses are equipped with a private sauna.

The rooms of the hotel create a feeling of seclusion in nature: panoramic windows and terraces offer a personal water area and forest, and the presence of several parking lots does not allow congestion "Point on the map. Vidlitsa." organically blends into the natural landscape and allows you to enjoy all the benefits of recreation in nature without changing the usual level of comfort.

Hotel "Point on the map. Vidlitsa" was a finalist of Russian Hospitality Awards 2021 in the category "Discovery of the Year" and the winner in the category "Best Mini-Hotel".

"Point on the map. Priozersk"

Hotel "Point on the map. Priozersk" is located on Cape Mayachny in the Leningrad region, on the shore of Lake Ladoga. The project is based on the idea: maximum interaction with the nature, minimum impact on it

It is the first hotel of the chain Point on the Map and the first hotel on the territory of Russia, which used ecological module technology in its construction

The idea of respect to the nature is supported by the choice of decoration materials and interior design: natural wood and panoramic windows with view to the water area and forest. The hotel organically blends in the landscape and demonstrates the symbiosis of the nature and the architecture

"Point on the map. Priozersk" offers its guests 31 standard rooms in two-storey buildings, 9 studios along the shoreline of the Vuoksa river, and 6 family studios in the forest zone. Room sizes range from 18 m2 to 36 m2

The context of the northern nature has become decisive in choosing aesthetic solutions for the project. The interior is based on the main element - the nature behind the panoramic window, so the parts of thehe parts of the complex are arranged in such a way that each room has a view of the shore and the forest, and the presence of neighbors is felt as little as possible. The architecture of the rooms rhymes with the landscape, and the individual entrance to each room creates a sense of privacy.

There are barbecue gazebos and a "Living Room" space for events. Panoramic windows, upholstered sofas, and a tea area, wi-fi - You can relax here with your family after dinner, watching the sunset or hold a corporate event.

Also on site is a cafe capacity up to 100 guests (including seating on the summer terrace).

Hotel "Point on the Map. Priozersk" was awarded by Sobaka.ru - "St. Petersburg of the Future 2019", also it was named "Best Hotel" by AD Magazine and became a finalist of the Russian Hospitality Awards 2020 and 2021 in the category "Best 3-star Hotel".

"Point on the map. Sortavala"

Hotel "Point on the map. Sortavala" is located 17 km from the town of Sortavala. Here is a nature park, embodying the best of nature in Karelia: coniferous forest, crystal clear lakes, streams, waterfalls and Ladoga skerries.

For hotel guests "Point on the map. Sortavala" 3 two-storeyed hotel complexes on the shore of the lake Pyjaralampi . At the disposal of travelers are 60 standard 2-bed rooms of 20 square meters and 1 room for people with disabilities. Each room has a view of the lake and the forest. On the first floor there is a terrace with additional access, on the first floor there is a balcony.

В the laconic architecture and interior design reflects the character of the northern landscape: natural materials and quiet colors are prevailing here. Every design element and interior detail has been created with love and attention to the guests

On the territory of the hotel "Point on the map. Sortavala there is a cafe with a summer terrace for up to 90 people, a bathhouse complex and comfortable barbeque pavilions.

Near the hotel there is an active recreation center "Terra Nordika". Lovers of outdoor activities and adventures can go on a trip on quad bikes with experienced instructor-guides and feel like pioneers of Karelia.

Hotel "Point on the map. Sortavala" was a finalist of Russian Hospitality Awards 2021 in the nomination "Best 3 star hotel".

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