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  • Russian Union of Travel Industry

The Russian Union of Travel Industry was founded in 1993.

It is the largest industry association that includes tour operators, travel agencies, hotels, health resorts, transport, insurance, consulting, IT-companies, educational institutions, mass media, public and other organizations in the field of tourism.

The main task of the PCT is the creation of a civilized tourism market in the country, improving the competitiveness of national tourism products and services in the tourism industry.

Taking into account associated members, members of associations and unions, as well as united in a network of travel agencies, the PCT represents the interests of more than 3000 companies in the tourism industry in Russia, CIS countries and abroad.

The PCT structure includes regional branches and representatives in 50 regions of Russia, 41 committees and commissions and international representatives in 26 countries. In addition, the PCT includes 19 specialized associations.

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