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Russia, Central region

"On the same wave" is a new approach to organizing travel.

Why choose us?

From Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, from Murmansk to Makhachkala, we conquer Siberia, Baikal, we study the culture, history and life of the republics and regions of Russia together with children.

The idea

Travelling with kids is fun, it's learning about real life, strengthening family relations and gaining real values.


The world is bigger than we think, and our country is the biggest in the world and therefore has the biggest tourist potential.


The mission of our agency is to create and shape such a comfortable journey, where children and adults alike will feel good.


Family tour - it's a small life, which each participant lives: at the beginning everyone gets acquainted, during the tour everyone attends specially organized excursions, activities, workshops, and soaks up the atmosphere of the travel region.


This is a space where children do not disturb us, on the contrary, they are the center of the trip.


These are tours in small groups (from 5 to 18 people), specially organized tours that take into account the rhythm, pace and cognitive activity of children, are as friendly as possible to the little participants, they listen to their needs.

Views count

The co-founder of the family travel agency is Ekaterina Mazurova, mother of three boys, an entrepreneur in the field of children's and family tourism in Bryansk.

It all started with a love for travel, to which the family Mazurov went regardless of age and number of children: from about 3 months of age the boys with their parents were already discovering new horizons.

Then the children grew up, and to find decent hotels and excursions at a reasonable price for a large family became almost unrealistic. Then Catherine began to actively search for guides, create itineraries and cooperate with foreign partners. The head of a family travel agency in Samara noticed this and invited Ekaterina to work remotely.

Then, in 2018 and until the beginning of 2020 everything was going great: Ekaterina was the main specialist in forming shore-based programs for travelers with children on cruise liners in Europe, the Gulf countries and Asia.

The pandemic made adjustments to the work: Ekaterina began to explore the expanses of Russia. Promotional tours, search for partners, exhibitions allowed to look at our country with different eyes.

Then the mother of many children began to organize tours for families with children, with an adapted sightseeing program for this group. Kazan, Kaliningrad, Sochi, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, the republics of Adygea, Dagestan and Chechnya, the Kola Peninsula - the regions where tourists successfully traveled with Catherine.

In 2021 Ekaterina Mazurova became a finalist of the contest "Mama Entrepreneur" and won the honorary 2nd place with the project to develop tourism in the Bryansk region, and another her project "On the same wave" was noted in the competition "The best social project of the year 2021" as promising in the field of social tourism.

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