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Krutoy Media is one of the leading radio holdings in Russia. It has been shaping the radio industry in the country for over 20 years. In 2021 it celebrated its 21st anniversary.

The radio holding combines the national radio broadcasting networks Love Radio, Radio Dacha, Radio Chanson and the radio stations Russky Hit, Taxi FM, Vostok FM, Pervoye Sportivnoye. The holding's federal radio stations are among the top 10 most popular music radio stations in Russia*.

Advertising opportunities of the radio holding assets are sold by the Sales House created on its basis. The sales house sells advertising inventory of Love Radio, Radio Dacha, Radio Chanson, Russian Hit, Taxi FM, Vostok FM on an exclusive basis and is also responsible for selling advertisements on Talk Moscow and Radio ZVEZDA radio stations.

The total audience of Love Radio, Radio Dacha, Radio Chanson and Radio ZVEZDA radio stations sold by Sales House amounts to 11,8 million daily listeners, the average weekly listenership of these stations exceeds 26,3 million people, which is 41,2% of the Russian 100+ population aged 12 and over
Average daily cumulative reach of listeners of radio stations sold by Krutoy Media Sales House in Moscow reaches 2.2 million people. The cumulative weekly reach of these radio stations is over 4.6 million listeners. The total audience share of the stations sold by Krutoy Media Sales House is 13.7% of all radio listeners in Moscow. Krutoy Media Sales House is steadily becoming one of the three leaders according to these indicators

Krutoy Media website: http://www.krutoymedia.ru/holding.htm

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