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About 55 km. from Omsk, the Irtysh wraps around the steep right bank, which has long been called the "Black Bow". On it grows a relic pine forest, famous for its healing and recreational properties. Under the arches of century-old pines, since 2007, the suburban recreation complex "Fairy Tale" has its own history.

As entertainment in the warm season, guests are offered table tennis, bicycles, badminton, etc. A special feature of "Fairy Tale" is a tent camp, which breaks up in mid-May and can host guests until early autumn. In winter time guests can entertain themselves with active recreation in the fresh frosty air: skates, skis, sleds, slide.

Following the desire to satisfy the needs of guests in entertainment as much as possible, in 2011 the construction of a new modern water park was started. About 140 million rubles were invested in its construction.

The water park has become an independent full-fledged recreation and entertainment facility for all comers, so we decided to rename the hotel complex into the recreation center "Fairy-tale". The new name reflects our desire to create a variety of recreational services that meet the needs of any client.

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