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The Cluster Development Center is a structural subdivision of the State Autonomous Institution Bryansk Regional "Service Center "My Business", created in order to identify cluster initiatives, promote coordination of projects of small and medium-sized businesses, providing the development of territorial clusters, including innovative, and to ensure cooperation of participants of territorial clusters between themselves.

As part of the implementation of the national project "Small and Medium Entrepreneurship and Support of Individual Entrepreneurial Initiative", the Cluster Development Center provides services such as:

  • consultations on the legal support of the activities of cluster participants (on the condition of co-financing);
  • conducting expert evaluations of the cost estimates of joint cluster projects (on the condition of co-financing);
  • information campaigns in the media for members of territorial clusters on the coverage of activities of territorial clusters and the prospects for their development (subject to co-financing);
  • development of business plans, feasibility studies for the implementation of joint cluster projects (on the condition of co-financing);
  • marketing services (marketing research aimed at the analysis of different markets, based on the needs of the territorial cluster members) (co-financed);
  • branding, positioning and promotion of new goods (works, services) of the enterprises of the cluster participants (co-financed);
  • assistance in obtaining permits, including patenting, certification, declaration for SME products in order to enter domestic and foreign markets, markets of large customers (co-financing);
  • organization of forums, conferences for SMEs participating in the clusters;
  • organization of interregional business missions for cluster participants (on the condition of co-financing);
  • organization of participation of SMEs - cluster participants in Russian and foreign industry events (subject to co-financing);
  • organization of round tables, webinars for members of territorial clusters.

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Elena Botina
Elena Botina
Head of the Center for Cluster Development
Oksana Rozhkova
Oksana Rozhkova
Expert consultant of the Center for Cluster Development

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