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A Scandinavian sense of style, clean and light forms are definitely the keywords that characterize the furniture of Oot-Oot Studio. "Our design process is very long. For example, almost half a hundred prototypes of the Voog armchair were made until we reached a perfection of form and design that conveys our vision. Proportions are very important to us!" The whole product development took a year and a half.

To ensure that the furniture lasts as long as possible, we use only the best materials. The frames of the sofas are made of metal or high quality solid wood and birch plywood, which has a much longer life span compared to sawn wood. HR (High Resilience) porolons are supported on German metal springs, which are slightly stiffer than standard porolons, but also last many times longer. "The frame of the Voog armchair is constructed from metal and produced using mould-casting technology. The same technology is used in the manufacture of seats for aircraft and trains, for example, where the seats must not sink even after 10 years. At the intensity of home use, this solution will last for decades."

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Rävala puiestee 7, Oot-Oot Stuudio 10143 Tallinn, Harjumaa
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Rävala puiestee 7, Oot-Oot Stuudio 10143 Tallinn, Harjumaa

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