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Herol Audio OÜ

Herol Audio presents a revolutionary stereo cabinet that combines style and functionality in one. Our products bring the change to the audio world that has long been sought. We are bringing a new dimension to the TV cabinet market, integrating HI-FI speakers and audio technology into superbly designed furniture.

Using only the highest quality components and after months of testing different versions, we finally achieved the desired result.

We've completed a set of high quality speakers with an amazing sound image, around which we designed a stylish TV cabinet. All the necessary amplification and equipment is also already built in, so no additional equipment is needed. Plug & Paly! Plug in the wall, plug in your TV and enjoy movies and shows in great sound. If you're a music lover, you can easily connect your phone via Bluetooth or Wifi and listen to your favourite tunes in magical sound quality.

Herol Audio - a stereo cabinet that combines form and function in one fabulous element. Experience a new dimension with Herol Audio.

47 Days to Go
Opening on 19.04.24
Interior 2024

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