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Tallinn Botanical Garden is the best landscaped area of the lower Pirita River. The Botanic Garden is located on four terraces of the Pirita River, with a winding network of paths and 9 ponds, most of which are fed by the Lepiku Ditch. The conifer ponds are populated by a large number of white water lilies. The plant exposures are set against a backdrop of pine forests to the north-west and north and a mixed pine-oak forest to the east. In the latter, a wooded meadow is being cleared to create a secular oak stand.

Come to the Botanic Garden in winter and explore our greenhouse exhibitions

On the west side of the Palm House complex is the Garden of the Senses, a 'healing garden' for people with special needs. In the Meelte Garden you can discover a wide range of useful and edible plants. The greenhouse exhibits are arranged according to climatic zones and plant regions of origin. The most lush are the plants of the tropical zone, which include several useful plants such as the Arabica coffee tree , the melon tree and others. The orchids are particularly well represented in the Cymbidium family. Both palms and fig trees can be seen in the palm house. The most hardy plants can be found among the succulents. Subtropics offers exoticism from the other side of the globe in Australia (eucalyptus) as well as recognition from the Mediterranean - the leaves of the common fig tree can be seen up close, and flowering from Japan in the form of camellias.

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