I've heard the myth that couples with relationship problems come to lingam and yoni massage training. This is not true! In most homes, the subject of intimacy and closeness belongs somewhere dark and under the covers, and is not talked about openly. Fortunately, however, words such as vital energy, balance and presence are increasingly being used in society. In the Orient, it is well known that sexual energy is a major part of life energy. It determines how bright, happy, sharp or vicious we are.

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Kes on Epp Kärsin?

Even as a child, I was interested in sexual themes and luckily I had some literature at home. Everything I have done and experienced in my life has prepared me for who I am today and what I do. It doesn't matter to me if someone tells me I'm not normal. And who is to say what is normal and what is normality? I love myself and I try to be the best version of myself every day, without fake masks. I love life and people!

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education at the University of Tartu. From there, I have a background in sexuality, anatomy and physiology. I have also studied Chinese medicine and have taken various tantric therapy trainings and workshops. I don't use the word Tantra myself, as its meaning is corrupted for many Estonians. My trainings are based on my own experiences. I like sex and I like pleasure and I am 100% practitioner.



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