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Microcement is a new hit in the interior decoration world. It is a popular finishing material for finishing walls, floors, ceilings both in the room and outdoors, and suitable for washing rooms. Eesti Mikrotsement sells TOPCIMENT products from professionals from Spanish cement maker. If you are not a professional, then check out the features of the micro cement and request professionals to do it for you.

Micro cement can be used on the floor, wall, ceiling and other places. The Topciment microcement gives the room a unique and personal look, as the products have a different texture, a wide range of colour tones, the result may be matte, shiny, sparkling or metallic. Because the product is cement based, the surface is resistant to impact and, depending on the installation method, can be waterproof. Thus, microcement is a good alternative to the ceramic plate and paddle for use in shower enclosures, sink or sauna.

Microcement is a decorative composite material consisting of cement, aqueous resin, additives and mineral pigments. Its manual installation makes every result unique.

Topciment has 5 types of micro cement, which can be selected according to the desired result. In addition, there are different products that ensure the finish, the desired colour and appearance, and, if necessary, waterproofing.

We sell the products first and foremost for professionals who have undergone microcement installation training. In this way, the professional installer can achieve the result worthy of TopCement name and quality, which is beautiful and durable.

Eesti Mikrotsement gives the buyer of the product instructions for installing the product and a quantity recipe. We can also consult on a regular basis if necessary.

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Product introduction


Sale of micro cement

Microcement installation training

To get the Topciment products right, it is wise to go through practical training. During the training, you can get acquainted with the products and their use, and practice.

By going through the training, you can use "step-by-step" instructions for using the products on the most commonly used substrates with prescriptions and a certificate.

The course will be held by Topciment manufacturer trained person in Spain and holds the Topciment Certificate.

Target group: interior designers, floor installers and others interested.

We will start training in April-May.

Interior finishing works

  • Eco-coating (acrylic, lacquer, lime, self-adhesive, lacquer, etc.)
  • Painting (levelling, tapping, painting, painting, etc.)
  • Decorative works
  • Installation of micro cement
  • Interior design
  • Finishing training and consulting

Photo trays with mounting. The wallpaper choice is wide, and the photo printed on the wallpaper is matter of your imagination.
See for more information please.


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