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1Partner Kinnisvara Real Estate

1Partner Kinnisvara Real Estate was founded in 2004 and provides an integrated real estate service. Our experienced consultants offer the following services to private and business customers:

  • Agency – We will help you sell or rent your property profitably and will also find you sites for rental or purchase. We know efficient marketing strategies and channels that help us strike deals quickly and easily.
  • Appraisal – Appraisals for loan guarantees, appraisals of company assets and in other cases. We are accepted by all of the main commercial banks and our accredited appraisers are on the list of state court experts.
  • Investment management – Our specialists put together real estate investment packages from idea to solution and service existing development projects as well (starting from an idea, followed by finding a piece of land, drawing up a business project and organising construction and sales).

Our service is prompt, high-quality and reasonably priced, and we not only try to meet customers' expectations, but exceed them.






1Partner Kinnisvara


+372 668 4700

Rävala pst 3, Tallinn


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