Planning on building a sauna in your country house, home or apartment? Want a small sauna cottage with a Finnish sauna or a steam sauna for your apartment? Considering a spa-themed solution? Or are you perhaps a steadfast fan of a steam sauna? If you need advice, good ideas or construction assistance, you are in the right place. We will help you build the sauna of your dreams!

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3D Projects

Saunamaailm offers a 3D project design service for various kinds of rooms: saunas, steam saunas, infrared saunas, spa rooms and sauna recreation rooms.

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3D Project Samples

Building and Renovation

The sauna runs deep in Estonian blood – at least as deep as black bread and the song festival. Using one's own hands to build something is also deep within us. Of course you can build a sauna yourself, but not many know at first how much time it takes or later how long it will take to correct mistakes and what skills are required. We hope that with our help you will save a lot of time and avoid any problems. We do not bake bread, because we do not know how, but we sure can build a sauna! We can improve and fix them and give new life to old ones, too. We also know the latest sauna and sauna interior trends. Click here to read more about building a sauna!

Considering the extreme conditions (major temperature fluctuations, heat and moisture), a sauna needs proper maintenance. In order to make sure your sauna serves you well and keeps you happy for years to come, be sure to ask for a specialist's advice. In terms of sauna-related questions, that is definitely us! Click here to read more about renovating a sauna!


More and more people are turning to us about proper sauna maintenance and asking for advice and help. Now all sauna fans can order a sauna maintenance package from us that will suit both their sauna and their budget. You can buy a one-off package or enter into a regular maintenance contract. After that we will keep an eye on your sauna. When the maintenance time arrives, we will notify you via a call and agree upon a date on which to come over. You can choose between three types of maintenance differing in terms of the scope of the service and the price. Together we will choose the best one for your sauna. Leave it to us to look after your sauna and enjoy the best sauna experiences in a happy and healthy sauna!

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