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In the third panel we get a look at Soviet-era apartment buildings and their future. The Finnish professor Satu Huuhka will compare renovation to deconstruction and talk about the benefits of renovation. As most of the Soviet apartment buildings in Estonia have been renovated with the help from KredEx, we will also get some insight into the renovation grant programme as Jarek Kurnitski describes the criteria and application process




Lecture Satu Huuka

During the lecture, Satu Huuka (Tampere Univercity of Technology) discusses about renovating and demolishing:

Building stock
Building stock dynamics
Model of obsolence
Demolition rates in the 2000s
Carbon emissions
User influence on energy consumption


Lecture Jarek Kurnitski

During the lecture, Jarek Kurnitski (KredEx) discusses about renovating and Kredex renovation grant programme:

Apartment building stock
Main steps in the KredEx grant application
Results 2010-2014 (old system) process
Example: Sõpruse pst 202, Tallinn
Why renovate grants?
2015-2020 KredEx grants

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